Eric Johnolson


Social Media Guru. Motivational Speaker & Corporate Trainer

Motivational_SpeakerHi, my name is Eric Johnolson. I am a motivational speaker. Unlike the Chris Farley sketch, I don’t live in a van down by the river, but I have been able to become very successful with just a few simple steps.

It wasn’t that long ago that I only had $37 in my bank account, but now I am out driving fancy cars in Los Angeles with celebrities, movie stars, entrepreneurs, and other famous businessmen.

I started this blog as a way to tell each and every one of you that you can do the same thing. Nothing is holding you back except your mind. You can do anything if you have enough willpower to see yourself succeed and to see yourself through to the end of it.

That is why I am here: to give you the courage you need to take the next step. The first step to being successful is actually doing something.

Something that Nike got right a long time ago is “Just Do It.” You need to just go out and do something. Whatever idea you have had festering in the back of your mind or whatever your dreams are, you can accomplish them. They only thing you need to do is believe in yourself and follow the steps that I will outline throughout this blog.

No, this isn’t some snake oil sales pitch of a website. I just want to see you succeed, so everything I do is completely free and will always be free.

Let’s rock this.

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