FeedFlare II - SiteFlare

Posted on January 25, 2006

Sounds like one of those really bad “B” rated sci-fi movies from back in the day but, alas, it is a new FeedBurner feature! I know this may seem like the FeedBurner blog lately but the new features we are coming out with are especially relevant to you, my loyal readers.

Remember FeedFlare? Those of you who read my feed no doubt have seen it many times and have possibly even used it to tag my posts with delicious or e-mail my posts to your friends. Well, we just released the same wonderful Flare except now it can be used back on my site creating an ecosystem between the site and the feed. Before FeedFlare and SiteFlare the feed and the site were very much separated (besides the sharing of content of course) but now they are forever connected and will live blissfully ever after.

I have elected to add the e-mail this, technorati (only shows up if there is a link), del.icio.us and subscribe to this feed flares to my blog and I hope they make my content more useful for all of you.

We are continuing to work on a list of 101 flare ideas so if you have any please e-mail me or post a comment. Have fun with your ideas because that is what Flare is all about!

On a side note: just read on Kevin Burton’s blog that there is a rumor out there stating that Yahoo! has an offer out to buy Digg for $35mm. I wonder if this is a case for Partial Founder Buyout man (I really need a logo or something for that)! I think Digg could be worth more if given time to grow so if a VC jumps in with PFB they may be able to get a great investment out of the deal.


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3 Comments so far
  1. j. botter January 25, 2006 12:59 pm

    Digg has already accepted 2.8 million in VC funding; I’m not sure who the parties were, but whomever did it is about to get a huge windfall.

  2. Eric January 25, 2006 1:13 pm

    Good call. I for got about that investment. It was made by some big names including the Omidyar Network, Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen and Greylock Partners. Definitely a great ROI for them if this deal is done! Looks like PFB man will have to get back to a phone booth to change out of his cape for now… Thanks for the heads up!

  3. theCreator January 26, 2006 3:46 am

    I would sell if I was Kevin. But seriously, 35 million is a tad too little for a site like Digg. Delicious was sold for about 50 million. Digg should be in that ballpark.