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FeedBurner Gets a Facelift

Posted on February 28, 2006

Well, we’ve hit two years old at FeedBurner so we figured it was time to see Doctor 90210 (i.e. our design team) for a facelift (hey, don’t judge). Seriously though, the stats redesign was released today and I am loving it. The colors and overall design are much more pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate.

New Stats Design

However, we found plastic surgery to be a bit addictive so we didn’t stop with the facelift. We also added some more functionality (get your mind out of the gutter). Most notably we added a figure that show how many people your posts actually reach and we added a list of uncommon uses (as well as download tracking for pod/vidcasters).

Reach is very important because it looks at how many people actually viewed or clicked items. As you can see in my example, 77 people are subscribed to my blog (thank you everyone!) and 16 of you actually viewed or clicked an item in the last 24 hours. The is very helpful for me because it gives me insight into how many people are reading each post and how quickly they get to it after I publish it. I can also infer which posts are most popular allowing me to give you all more of what you want. (Item level detail (views and clicks) is part of our Total Stats Pro package.)


Uncommon uses allow you to see where your content is being resyndicated or viewed outside of your feed but not in a newsreader. An example from my feed is below. In that example you’ll notice that I have a FeedBurner livefeed reference. This appears because I clicked on something in my feed from within my FeedBurner dashboard. Now, if you were being resyndicated on another site and people were cliking through from that site we would be able to show that here.

Uncommon Uses

I think publishers large and small will enjoy the new look and new numbers we now offer. Now, its off to the recovery room where we’ll be sipping on some frozen drinks with those little umbrellas in them. Actually, we’re already back to work on some new stuff I’m sure you’ll enjoy!


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