Movie Review: Mean Creek

Posted on August 22, 2006

Mean CreekMean Creek is a very intense coming of age tale that should be seen by all despite its’ R rating.  The story set-up is classic. Sam (Rory Culkin) is beat up by the school bully George (Josh Peck). Sam tell his older brother Rocky (Trevor Morgan) about his plight and Rocky along with friend Marty (Scott Mechlowicz) devise a plan to teach George a lesson.

With the plan set in motion the group of kids get their boat into the water and head out for a day of boating on the creek.  Throughout the day the kids see another side of George.  They begin to realize that he is just lonely and desperate for attention. Sam then decides to call everything off and communicates his wishes to the rest of the gang.  However, Marty is still on edge about somethings going on in his personal life and isn’t fully on board with calling off the plan.  George then proceeds to set Marty off by accident which sends the plot hurdling to the film’s sad conclusion. 

Jacob Aaron Estes has put together an incredibly powerful film in Mean Creek.  However, I did feel that the writing could have been a bit better in the climax scene.  Estes allows George to revert back to his bully side after he sets off Marty which makes the film flow easier and gets Estes off the hook.  However, if the viewer was left feeling completely sympathetic for George the climax would have been even more intense.  Overall the film was well done and is definitely worth a watch.  It also reminds us that there is another side to everyone and we should not be quick to judge people we don’t truly know. 


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