Movie Review: Enduring Love

Posted on October 30, 2006

Enduring LoveA quiet picnic in the countryside is quickly disturbed by an out of control hot air balloon. A number of people in the field run to the aid of the hot air balloonist and his son. They grab on to the balloon and are trying to rein it in when it suddenly begins to lift off again. Everyone drops to the ground safely except for one man who holds on and then is unable to retain his grasp causing him to fall to ground and perish. This horrific accident starts a series of events moving forward that will cause one man to spiral out of control.

Based on a novel by famous English author Ian McEwan and starring Daniel Craig, Samantha Morton and Rhys Ifans one can see that Roger Michell had some great pieces to start Enduring Love with and overall he did a great job with the adaptation and direction. The film progresses nicely and you can feel the creepiness throughout. You also witness a complete transformation of Joe (Daniel Craig) from a fairly boring and mundane individual to someone haunted and disturbed by both the accident and the stalker (Rhys Ifans) he gained that faithful day.

While it is a little disappointing that the pieces of the plot never really come together in the end, the study of biology versus love that the film investigates will make you think long after the film is over. The acting and visual elements are also top notch and could rival many of the better films out there. Enduring Love is well worth viewing and, although I have not read it, I hear Mr. McEwan’s book is much more rich and detailed (as can be expected) so I would suggest picking it up as well. I know I will be.

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