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Olson’s 2006 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted on December 18, 2006

I know this is a bit late but I thought it would be fun to put together a holiday gift guide. I will also keep in mind that if you are looking to get anything on this list that you’ll need to do it last minute. However, just remember that can always put a picture of an item in a card if you’re stuck and mail the gift later. It may even be better since the person you are giving the gift to will have something to open after the holidays (that bonus won’t sell everyone so be prepared for blowback). Here it goes!

The Ultimate Holiday Gift for 2006 - Nintendo Wii

WiiI am dying for one of these things. I haven’t been this excited about a game system since the original xbox and I wasn’t overly excited for that. If you can get your hands on one and aren’t tempted to keep it for yourself than you will be able to make someone in your life incredibly happy. Still aren’t convinced - check out Rick’s Wii - eally good time. Still not convinced… seriously? You move the controllers in space and it controls the game. How cool is that? (Answer: Unbelievably cool. Mindblowingly cool would also be accepted.) Oh, make sure to get Super Monkey Ball. It was one of the best gamecube games hands down.

The Best of the Rest

Nokia N91 (very close to the Wii for best gift)

N91I have had an N91 for about three months and I could never go back to a regular phone. The N91 contains a 4GB hard drive and comes with headphones so you can add all of your music to it and use it instead of an iPod. It also has a built in podcast client and feedreader. You can use GPRS to download the podcasts but I would recommend finding a wifi signal (yup - the N91 can pick up wifi).

The N91 also syncs all of your appointments from your computer to your phone and allows you to shoot 2mp pictures and video. This is one heck of a phone for all the media junkies on your list. The one downside I have found is that it doesn’t not have a qwerty keyboard so the blackberry devotees won’t be too happy.

Western Digital Passport Portable USB Hard Drive - 120GB

PassportJust got one of these myself since they are marked down from $150 to $99 and they’ll knock the price down to $79.99 if you use Google Checkout to pay. That’s only $0.67 a gig. Not bad especially considering that the passport is a sleek little drive you can throw in your bag. It also runs off of the power from your USB port and needs no other power supply. If you’re a mac guy, no worries, the passport is compatible with macs and pcs. Give the gift of data security and portability to someone you love.

The Ktrak

KtrakFor the overly aggressive/crazy cyclist in your life there is the Ktrak. It’s half track, half ski and 100% mountain madness. With this bike you could bike commute across the tundra in Alaska without any problems. On top of that the thing just looks slick. It’s the tank of bikes no doubt about it.

No Touch Alarm Card

No TouchFor the paranoid among us there is the No Touch Alarm Card. It will sound as soon as light hits it meaning if a pickpocket snags your wallet the alarm will sound. Seems pretty cool until you realize that it’ll go off every time you take out your wallet. But hey, that’s a small price to pay for piece of mind. My suggestion: if the person on your list likes gadgets than get this. If they like to keep their money and credit cards safe get a front pocket wallet.

Puzzle Alarm Clock

Puzzle ClockGot someone in your life who just can’t get up on time and is constantly late. This will do the trick. I know because I own one. I hate the thing but it’s very effective. The idea is this: the alarm goes off and puzzle pieces are simultaneously launched out of the clock. Until those pieces are put back into the clock the alarm can’t be turned off. Take it from me, part of the fun is actually finding the pieces after they have been launched across the room. At $12.99 you can’t go wrong. It’ll get you up every time.

Home Pro Racing Simulator

Just look at this thing - enough said. $4k

Racing Sim

H-Racer: Hydrogen Fueled Toy Car

H-RacerThis thing is awesome and at $80 bucks it is pretty affordable too. The car runs on hydrogen and even comes with its’ own solar-powered hydrogen refueling station. The vehicle is emission free and a working replica of the technology being developed for full size cars.

Arrested Development: Seasons 1 - 3 (Complete Show)

Arrested DevelopmentThis is the funniest TV show that has come out in a long time and it is a shame it was cancelled after only three seasons. My friend Rick got me into the show recently and I am hooked. Right now you can get seasons 1 - 3 (the complete show) on DVD for $54.99 (free shipping) at Let me tell you, it is worth every cent. Give someone the gift of laughs with Arrested Development. They won’t be disappointed.


TomTomLast, but not least, is the Tom Tom. I definitely need to get one of these. I am sick of getting lost and trying to use Google maps mobile or actual hard copy maps to figure out where I am. If you know someone like me the TomTom is a good gift. Every time they need to find a new place or get lost they will remember you and think - wow, what a great person!

Well, that’s it for my first ever holiday gift guide. I hope you all enjoyed. Love to hear some other sweet gifts you have found this season in the comments. Happy Holidays everyone!

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2 Comments so far
  1. John Zeratsky December 19, 2006 10:07 am

    I am torn between the Tom Tom and the Nuvi. Both are pretty killer. Both are things I am not going to buy. NFT works just fine 99% of the time :-)

    Nice redesign, by the way. Looking sharp.

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    Olson’s 2006 Holiday Gift Guide…

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