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Gmail and Google Calendar: Better than Outlook

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Gmail and Google CalendarRick put up a great post yesterday talking about his move from Outlook to Gmail + Google Calendar. After hearing about the benefits from Rick I moved myself completely out of Outlook as well and haven’t looked back. The Google Calendar + Gmail combination is very powerful and makes my day far more efficient. I still haven’t dug deeply into the GTDGmail plugin (as in Getting Things Done) for firefox that Rick mentions but I can see already that once I spend the time to better acquaint myself with it I will be even more efficient with my time.

Some tips for setting up Gmail + Google Calendar:

  1. Install the GTDGmail plugin
  2. Port your calendar entries to Google Calendar (use the export to CSV function in Outlook to create a CSV of your calendar entries which can then be uploaded right into Google Calendar)
  3. Set up filters in Gmail (One of mine automatically labels all mail coming to my FeedBurner address as FeedBurner. Another does the same for TECH cocktail.) Filters are perfect for people with lots of e-mail addresses.
  4. Set your calendar alerts (browser pop-up, SMS, e-mail are available)
  5. Download the Gmail notifier so you don’t lose incoming e-mail alerts.
  6. Download the Gmail mobile app
  7. Give Rick’s post a read for more ideas

The switch, should you choose to make it, will improve your workflow and help you better sort your tasks for the day and the best part is it’s all web based so you can get to your mail or calendar from anywhere.

Written by Eric Olson

February 7th, 2007 at 3:19 pm

3 Responses to 'Gmail and Google Calendar: Better than Outlook'

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  1. Great post Rick,

    And sync it all to your mobile device with

    Its free, try it out

    Chris (GooSync)


    8 Feb 07 at 4:45 am

  2. I, too, planned on following Rick’s advice here and just running with Gmail and Google Calendar.

    It’s pretty cool because I saw that they just opened my Gmail account up to access my domain emails for I guess it’s the same as just forwarding the email over but this seems like it’s taking me one step closer to close integration between all accounts.

    “One email account to rule them all…”


    8 Feb 07 at 7:48 am

  3. [...] my life out of Outlook and placing it fully into Gmail + Google Calendar has been great. My personal productivity is way up and accessing my e-mail and schedule has never [...]

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