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Ask the Wizard: Dick’s New Blog

Posted on February 19, 2007

Wizard of OzI am happy to report that our CEO, Dick Costolo, is now back to regular blogging with his new offering Ask the Wizard. Dick was inspired by Jason and Brad’s blog, Ask the VC, to get going again and to create a blog where he could answer some burning questions all entrepreneurs have about starting and running businesses.

Dick is not only an experienced entrerpreneur he’s also hillariously funny and full of sarcasm so the blog will be both useful and very entertaining. The topics covered already range from non-founder equity issues, bringing in outside directors and pitching companies. I have read each post and they are well worth your time (I swear I am not just saying that since he’s the big boss). Don’t believe me - check out Brad’s post.

Give the site a read and subscribe to the feed while you’re there. I am sure you’ll be glad you did. Glad to see you writing again Dick!

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