Movie Review: Babel

Posted on March 3, 2007

BabelHuman communication. It seems like it should be so simple. We should all be able to talk and work things out. However, things do not work that way a lot the time. Babel attempts to show how breakdowns in communications and leaps to judgment prior to having all of the facts are contributing to the tensions between nations.

The story in Babel is actually a number of stories that all link together (think Traffic) and all of them were artfully mixed to provide a very compelling drama. Everything starts with an American couple vacationing in Morocco (Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett) with a group of fellow upper class tourists. While on board the tour bus the wife is suddenly shot in what we know is a random act of violence.

From there the story begins to unfold rapidly across many cultures and continents. We start to find that every one of the stories unfolding before us is interconnected to the other and we begin to see how small the world is. We also see how easy a story can be misconstrued by the media and what the implications of those early leaps to judgment can do.

Babel is simply the perfect movie at the perfect time. It reminds us how tightly knit we all are and how communication between cultures and countries is essential for all of us to exist. I highly recommend checking out Babel. It’s a great film and it will really make you think.

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