Post Spotlight: March 6, 2007

Posted on March 6, 2007

There were a lot of great posts in the last 24 hours which I am normally content to leave in the “Posts Worth Reading” on the right hand side of the site. However, these posts in particular deserve some spotlight so I am going to do a quick round-up for all of you. Here it goes!

Good Magazine Launches

I found out about Good Magazine via my friend Frank’s post. Since he did a great job explaining it I won’t delve into too much detail. Suffice it to say that Good Magazine will tap into the new social movement and talk about people and businesses doing good in the world. With so much of the news out there being about bad things Good Magazine is truly a breath of fresh air. They are also donating a lot of money to charity which is definitely a good thing. They have both print and web editions so you get to choose how you want to read Good (100% of your print subscription payment goes to the organization of your choice).

The Barenaked Ladies Release New Album DRM Free via Amie Street

As some of you know I am advisor to Amie Street so I was excited to see that they recently signed a deal with the Nettwerk Music Group. Nettwerk will be loading their catalogue of artists onto Amie Street going forward with the first album being the new Barenaked Ladies release. This is a huge step forward for Amie Street since it will show that they can work for larger labels and artists. When other large labels start understanding that DRM free music at market determined prices is the way to go Amie Street will be there to make it happen. Nice work guys!

Business Tips Gleaned from Mountain Biking

Paul Kedrosky has a great post today about things in mountain biking that are analogous to business. Being a mountain biker myself (at least until I moved out to the flatlands to join FeedBurner) I would agree whole heartedly with his observations. Check out the post even if you’re not a biker because there are some good business tips to be had.

Are you thinking of working for a start-up?

Reginald Braithwaite has a post up today about how to value the options you receive as part of joining a start-up to see if it is “worth it.” While a lot of us do the start-up thing mainly because we want to work on a project we’re passionate about and with people who are at the top of their respective games we still need to make a living. This post isn’t super technical which is why I love it. It simply shows you how to look at the numbers from the start-up in comparison to a more stable job (what job is really stable anyway?) in order to figure out the overall financial impact of joining a start-up. A couple quick takeaways: 80% of ventures fail so be prepared for failure - and - be the entrepreneur/founder if you really want to have the chance to do better money wise (entrepreneur is above employee in the scheme of things but also carries more risk).

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  1. John Zeratsky March 6, 2007 5:37 pm

    Those *are* some great posts. Thanks for sharing.