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TECH cocktail 4: Wrap-up and Thank You

Posted on April 13, 2007

TECH cocktailThis was the best TECH cocktail yet. We finally found a venue in John Barleycorn’s that can hold the crowd comfortably and provided a great set-up for all of our sponsors and demoers. Not only that but the staff at John Barleycorn’s was incredible to work with. They took care of every need we had and made the night enjoyable for both Frank and I and for all of you out there who attended.

First, I’d like to thank our sponsors since we truly would not be able to put on TECH cocktail without them.

SingleHop: These guys are for real. Not only do they provide great dedicated hosting they also know how to show TCers a great time. They were responsible for the Wii baseball challenge this time around and thanks to them ten of you are going to see the Cubs. SingleHop is a big part of making TECH cocktail happen so I hope that you will think of them first when you need a dedicated server.

Transwestern: This is a top notch group of real estate folks who can help you with your growing office space needs. Henry Lee in particular is the guy who came to me and really wanted to support TC since he believes in what we’re doing. He’s been great to work with and you should give him a ring (312-881-7062) if you are need of more/new office space.

The Saper Law Offices: You may not have noticed Saper Law listed at the sign-in table as a sponsor and that was our bad and yet another reason why making signage in the wee hours of the morning is a bad idea. Daliah is a great lawyer and she knows her stuff regarding issues you’ll face as an entrepreneur. She works with a lot of good folks already and you should be one of them. Please check her firm out if you in need of a lawyer.

Digital Bootcamp: Mike and team are fantastic at what they do and that is to teach you what you need to know. They have classes ranging from PHP to CSS to Business Blogging and they are well worth your time and money. If you’ve been looking to refresh some skills or just learn something new check out Digital Bootcamp (heck, you get a set of personalized dog tags too - you can’t go wrong!).

HTD Law: These are the guys who brought you roulette at TC3 and Wii sports at TC4. They also flew a lucky winner to Vegas for a weekend and gave away a Wii. These are the kind of lawyers I like! If you need some corporate law help give HTD a buzz.

MK Capital: The MK guys have been supporters since TC2. They are very community focused and they continue to be helpful to entrepreneurs in the midwest and around the country. If you’re looking for money to fund your company please let me know and I can get you hooked up with them.

Origin Ventures: If you are a super early stage company and need some cash to get your business off the ground definitely talk to Origin. The guys are great and I would be more than happy to hook you up with them. It’s good to see some really early stage funding come back to the Chicago area.

FR&R: These guys keep our books in order to make sure we don’t end up like Enron. They are fantastic to work with and I highly recommend them if you need some accounting help.

Second, I’d like to thank all of the entrepreneurs. It’s always great to see some fresh ideas and these guys didn’t disappoint.

Meniusm: If you haven’t already rated the appetizers that SingleHop bought for you last night you need to log in to Menuism and do so. The UI is fantastic and you can find reviews of not only restaurants but also the dished themselves. Use Menuism to eat well and help others to do the same.

ParkWhiz: These guys have helped you find parking for the last two TCs and they can help you find it for other events/errands too. They came to TC4 to demo fresh off of their Navtaq LBS Award domination meaning you got to see all the fresh stuff. Keep an eye on these guys. They are going places by helping you find parking at places (ok, that didn’t work quite the way I wanted it to).

Interactive Mediums: Did you see the live text message voting for the best demos (won by Menuism)? Interactive Mediums was behind that and they are also behind a lot of folks text message lists. This is another up and coming Chicago company that is poised for success.

timeXchange: These guys can help big time (or should that be bill time - I’ve got a million of ‘em) if you are an independent consultant or anyone that needs to keep track of and bill time to clients. They have looped in social networking to the mix as well to make keeping time sheets fun (Honestly, I didn’t think it could be done.)

text2store: These guys will help you get coupons from stores you shop at sent directly to your mobile. They will also alert you to deals at stores you like as they come up.

Zaplee: These guys allow you to set-up a call center all powered by skype. This is a quick and simple solution to any call center issues you may have.

Now it’s on to the Oscar speech. Ahem… Is this thing on?

I want to thank my co-founder Frank because it wouldn’t be TC without him.

My girlfriend and best friend Laura: Without her support I wouldn’t be anywhere.

Felicia, Lisa and Chris: Without you guys holding down the fort at the door TC would be a mess. It’s a thankless job and you all do it well.

Paulette: Great job on finding the venue and for keeping things moving forward!

My friends and family who always give their support and keep me moving forward.

All of the TCers out there since you guys make TC what it is.

FeedBurner for supporting TC from the beginning.

All the people that donated to MS.  We raised $150!

If there is anyone I missed I apologize and I think you as well.

That should do if for this post and for TC4. I had a great time and I hope you all did as well. Please keep me posted on any deals or relationships that develop out of the event. I love hearing those type of stories because we put on TECH cocktail specifically to bring people together. Cheers everyone!


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4 Comments so far
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  4. Jeff Judge April 14, 2007 2:00 pm

    Thanks again Eric, we had a great time. Can’t wait until TC5.

    ..and get on that patent!