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Where in the World is FeedBurner?

Posted on April 19, 2007

To answer that question simply - everywhere. One of the great things about web applications is that they are accessible by anyone with internet connectivity making your company instantly global. Of course this also presents design/UI challenges and support challenges which are something companies like ours definitely need to address. You simply can’t ignore the rest of the globe when you run an inherently global service.

We’ve been very conscious of that fact here at FeedBurner and have entered into reseller relationships in countries like Spain (, Japan ( and Russia ( in order to ensure great service around the globe. We have also begun to translate our site into a number of languages in order to make it easier for anyone anywhere to join the FeedBurner family. Oh, and by we I mean our users. They’ve done the heavy lifting on the physical translation piece as, alas, there aren’t many language scholars on the FeedBurner team.

I love interacting with publishers all over the globe and that interaction has only increased as of late. In fact, I have even been giving interviews for folks in different parts of the world (Tecnocracia in Brazil and HedgePlus in Korea). Some of these guys are even taking matters into their own hands and creating FeedBurner Networks in order to help bring their blogging communities together and to make a unified property that will be interesting to advertisers.

If you’re thinking about starting a web service make sure to think of your international brothers and sisters. There’s no doubt in my mind that they will end up being both a big an integral part of your companies success.

Side note: Check out our official post on going global which I actually didn’t know we were putting out until I mentioned I had written this post up. We’re really on the same wavelength here at FeedBurner. It’s kind of scary actually.


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