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There’s No Place Like Fenway

Posted on April 23, 2007

The Green MonsterI was back in Boston this weekend to visit family and friends and for the yearly ritual my Dad and I have of attending a Yankees v. Red Sox game at Fenway each April. Of course I always knew Fenway was special but now that I have lived outside of Boston for about a year and a half and have subsequently been to many different ballparks in that time I can truly say that the place is special and unique among ball parks. However, I think a lot of what makes Fenway so special is the passion for baseball that my fellow Sox fans exhibit.

We’re die hards. There are a ton of people in the stands who still score the games by hand. There are even more that know every stat you could possibly want to know and, to keep with that theme, the scoreboards at Fenway show very in-depth stats aside from the simple batting average and ERA numbers. This is a baseball town through and through. Here are a few comments and stories from my fellow section mates from Saturday’s game that will illustrate my point.

Guy to my left (affectionately known as peanut guy - we have names for everyone since we’ve been sitting together with them for four years now and this guy always eats peanuts hence the name - its very Seinfeldian) asks me who is warming up for Yankees. I’m not sure so I ask my Dad and the twins who sit on his left. No go. So then we ask scorebook guy (he scores the game by hand of course - I never said these names were creative) at the end of the row and he replies that Farnsworth is warming up for the Yanks. I pass this info to peanut guy who says thanks, composes himself and then yells with all his might:

“Farnsworth, you suck!”

Only at Fenway would someone go to that much trouble to make sure that they had the right name of the opposing teams pitcher so they could properly heckle him.

Here’s another one: There’s a Yankee at 2nd base and the ball is hit to Cora at short. The runner proceeds back to second and Cora should get the sure out at first. Instead he thinks he’s smarter than the average little leaguer and tries to throw out the runner heading back to second which ends with the ball heading into the outfield and a Yankee on 1st and 3rd. This is in the second inning mind you. Then a guy a couple rows behind us stands up and starts to yell/rant:

“That’s little league 101. You have to go for the sure out. What were you thinking? How could you….”

This goes on for about 2 minutes until he finally yells:

“OK, I’m done now!”

and proceeds to sit down. Too funny.

The last situation came out of a good shift that the Red Sox had on to protect against the bunt. Youkilis moved in and Pedroia shifted to cover 1st. Basic stuff. As the shift is happening peanut guy’s friend proceeds to talk to peanut guy about their softball team:

“Hey man we really need to get that type of stuff worked into our team strategy. We could win a ton more games with smart moves like that. We have to be doing that type of sh*t.”

And it went on from there. Gotta love it.

Fenway is a magical place and I love going back there year after year especially when the Red Sox sweep the Yanks. Go Sox!

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