Book Review: Momentum is Your Friend

Posted on May 18, 2007

MomentumThis third book by Joe Kurmaskie (see my reviews of his other two books here and here) is by far his best written. If you were to read all three of his books in a row as I have done you will see how the writing gets better each and every time. I can’t wait for his forthcoming book which I believe he will be turning over to the editor soon (maybe I can get an advance copy - Joe?).

Momentum allows the reader to ride with Joe on another bike adventure and meet some very interesting people. As always Joe finds what is best in people and this book has a number of poignant stories that will remind you to take a step back sometimes and just breathe. What is even more interesting about the journey in Momentum is that Joe does it with his two sons literally in tow (their rig measured something like 14 feet in length and it added an extra 250 pounds to Joe’s riding weight).  Having all of this weight shows Joe that Momentum is, in fact, his friend.

The feat of crossing the country on a bike with that large of a load is one thing but having in his young sons in tow definitely gave the stories an interesting element that made them different from the first two books.

I am sure a lot of the fatherly stuff in Momentum was lost on me as I am not yet a dad so I will have to re-read this one come fatherhood time. That said, I think this book will appeal to many more people than cyclists. Dads, in general, will love it and I am sure will find a lot of humor in Joe’s stories and his kids actions. I also think that people who are adventurous and enjoy the good in people will get a kick out of this book. There are some great characters again.

In the end of the day Joe’s writing always does two things to me:

1. Makes me want to just get on my bike and not stop for a few thousand miles.
2. Reminds me that people are generally good and kind hearted.

If you are up for a read that will inspire and provide hope this is it.

As with his other two books I highly recommend you check this one out. If you do decide to get the book please buy it directly from Joe since his publisher will give him a much larger portion of the proceeds to put to work in his new venture, Camp Creative, a camp designed to get kids outside and active along with allowing their creativity to flow free.

I know this review is a little thin but that’s only because I have said so many good things about Joe in my other two reviews and all that stuff is still true. Check out Momentum this summer. You won’t regret it.

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