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Human Computer Interaction, Location Based Services & Hyperlocal Content

Posted on May 30, 2007

What do these things have in common you ask? They are all things I am excited about. Shouldn’t that be enough to include them in the same post? This is my blog after all. Anyway… on with the post.

Human Computer Interaction

Human Computer Interaction and advances in that space are always going to be something that gets us computer geeks going. The latest interesting innovation in that area is Microsoft’s new Surface Computing initiative. The initiative was announced and shown off at the D conference the other day. Check out the demo video on on10 to see this thing in action.

When can I get one? I am sure that question is on your mind and it surely is on mine. Larry Larsen tells us via the on10 blog post that these surface computers will first show up in the hands of Microsoft Partners (i.e. Las Vegas Casinos, etc.) but they will roll out to consumers in short order especially when they can hit the right price points for the average Joe.

Location Based Services and Hyperlocal Information:

While my friend Brad Feld is super excited about Human Computer Interaction as an investment theme (and he should be - Harmonix Music Systems (makers of Guitar Hero) was an investment made on that theme and he did pretty well on that one and you know more of these interesting innovations will break into the mainstream over time) if I were an investor I’d also be excited about companies built around Location Based Services and Hyperlocal Information.

It seems that the evolution of the internet is heading toward a system where you can find hyperlocal information of interest to you and others in your area and location based services that will tell you where things are around you at any given time. These two things will most likely work hand in hand to get you hyperlocal information based on where you are currently located.

A good example of a location based service is ParkWhiz based right here in Chicago. They inform drivers of where parking is near where they are going. They also give you all the pricing information and are even working to allow you to reserve your spot before you even leave the house.

A couple more great examples are hyperlocal content sites Outside.In and EveryBlock (still in development). Outside.In shows you stories/blog posts from folks around you and EveryBlock, Adrian Holovaty’s new project (another Chicagoan), will bring an unprecedented level of hyperlocal information right to your fingertips.

Location based services like ParkWhiz and sites that provide hyperlocal info like Outside.In and EveryBlock seem to be the future. Keep an eye out for new start-ups in the hyperlocal and location based services arenas. As things start to progress further into the mainstream (like cell phone technology, GPS technology and the mobile web for example) these services will become increasingly more valuable.

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1 Comment so far
  1. Michael Sharon September 26, 2007 11:07 pm

    Take a look at Socialight - we’ve built a hyperlocal content platform which makes all data available via the web, feeds, mobile web and GPS enabled mobile devices.

    This week, we launched a service in the UK which allows users to send us an SMS keyword, we automatically determine their location (using carrier data) and return a list of the most interesting things around them…