TECH cocktail 5 - The One Year Anniversary

Posted on June 27, 2007

TC 5I just made the official announcement of TECH cocktail 5 over on the TECH cocktail blog and while I was writing it I started to think about all that has happened in the last year to Chicago’s tech community and to myself.

First of all TECH cocktail blew away all of my expectations. When we started out to form TECH cocktail we thought that if we could get maybe 50 people in a room together we’d be doing really well and here we are with 100s of people showing up to each event and with expansion into the D.C. and Boston areas underway. It’s one heck of a phenomenon and it is one driven 100% by the community here in Chicago so thank you so much for your support.

Second, more and more great events have begun to spring up around the city. We had Chicago Beta start up and Keith has done a great job cultivating that group. We recently had Mashable’s Web Ascent here in the city. BarCamp Chicago had another great event this year (and this time around we were able to pitch in with some cash to help make it happen which was great). The list goes on. The point here is that the community is coming together, people are getting to know one another, and progress is being made.

Third, more and more great ideas and companies are springing up everyday with the existing companies continuing to gain momentum in their markets. For me personally this resulted in the sale of FeedBurner to Google making me a Googler. That sale should prove to be a good thing for the community and should bring some more visibility to what we’re all doing here.

Lastly, larger companies are extending their footprint here in Chicago. Google is one of those companies and I think that their expansion in Chicago will be a great thing for the community as a whole.

With so much great stuff going on here it’s hard to imagine a year ago when Frank and I were sitting at the potbelly on Wacker (which is actually no longer there now) talking about the fact that there had to be great stuff going on here that we just weren’t aware of and that someone needed to get an event together that would be a catalyst to collaboration and facilitator of networking among the Chicago tech community.

Thank you all for a great year and I look forward to the year to come. I hope to see you at TECH cocktail 5 so we can drink to the past year and look forward to the good stuff sure to come. RSVP as soon as you can!

Side note: Frank whipped up a great badge that you can use on your respective blogs to help promote TECH cocktail 5. It can been at the top of this post and the URL for that image is: i-enjoy-techcocktail-chicago-5-badge.png I would suggest linking it to or the RSVP page at

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