Movie Review: The Number 23

Posted on August 13, 2007

The Number 23Always up for a creepy movie based on some sort of mystical belief or beliefs I knew I had to see The Number 23 as soon as I first saw the trailer but due to lack of time I ended up waiting for the DVD. After watching the DVD on my small screen I found myself wishing I took to the time to see it on the big screen because it would have been well worth the price of admission.

The Number 23 is a very character focused story that revolves around a book relating to the “23 Enigma.” The 23 Enigma is the Discordian belief that all events are connected to the number 23 but of course we all know that, with enough ingenuity, numbers can say whatever we want them to.

Walter Sparrow (Jim Carrey), a mild mannered Dog Catcher is the main man in 23 and he takes quite a journey in the 98 minutes of the film. After receiving a copy of a book with the same name as the film Sparrow slowly becomes obsessed with the number 23 and the storyline of the book as it seems to parallel his own life.

This obsession leads Sparrow into the tangled web of a murder where the body was never found and ultimately to a realization that shatters his world.

** Spoiler Alert **

The Number 23 follows a similar path to The Machinist wherein the main characters in both films have selectively forgotten killing someone. In the case of the former the killing was a deliberate and brutal murder and in the latter the killing was accidental. However, in the end of both films both main men end up turning themselves in after a brutal and haunting journey into their own minds.

** End Spoiler Alert **

The Number 23 is a fantastic psychological thriller that will keep you thinking to the very end. Don’t start thinking too much about the number 23 though lest you be sucked in as well.

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  1. Alex August 22, 2007 6:08 pm

    Though I have not seen this movie I have heard both sides of it. I have been working with a couple of friends on a website called where you can actually post this movie review and rate the movie. I hate to be intrusive but I ran across your site by way of search. Feel free to add any of your other reviews to filmcrave as well.