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Book Review: Daemon

Posted on August 15, 2007

DaemonWow. Rick was dead on in his review of this book (read his review as he said essentially everything I wanted to about the book) and I owe him one for making sure I got a copy of Daemon in my hands.

Rick started off his review by likening Daemon to the Matrix which is pretty high praise. As Rick says, you probably remember when you first saw that film and just knew that you witnessed movie history. It was different. It was important. It was fantastic. It was everything you could ever want in a movie.

After reading Daemon you’ll feel the same way (except replace movie with book in the above statements).

Comparing apples to apples I would have to say that Daemon was the most thrilling read I’ve had since the DaVinci Code. I really couldn’t put it down and I am dying for the sequel.

The premise of Daemon, while it may sound outlandish, is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. A genius computer programmer has developed a daemon (a computer program that sits in the background waiting for a certain trigger which will cause it to execute) which continually scans the news for his obituary. As soon as the daemon finds his obituary it starts executing commands and society as we know it starts to fall apart very quickly. In a short period of time the Daemon has corporations, packs of people and even governments under its’ control. It’s becoming a new world order.

Of course the whole story and the great storytelling could be completely ruined without top notch research and the author, Leinad Zeraus, doesn’t disappoint. In fact, Rick likens him to Michael Crichton (who also happens to be one of my favorite authors of all time) and even says that Zeraus goes a lot further than Crichton in his research. I have to say I think he’s spot on in that comparison.

So there is impeccable storytelling, fantastic research and the weaving of technological detail into the plot in a near perfect way. What else could you want? Probably nothing more but Zeraus still comes up with just the little bit extra in that he works with technology that, as individual pieces, all exist in some shape or form or could at least conceivably exist soon. The weaving of the pieces together into the perfect storm that is the Daemon may never happen but the fact that it is remotely possible is chilling and causes you to be sucked in even further to the story.

Honestly, this review could have been one line that read:

Go buy this book.

But, hey, I had to geek out a little bit right? I mean, what did you expect?

Go pick up a copy of Daemon as soon as you possibly can. I figure your best bet is amazon so click here to order if you’d like to take that path. Also, for more interesting tid bits and news stories that talk about the technology Zeraus uses in the book please visit the book’s site. Enjoy the journey. I know I did.


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3 Comments so far
  1. TECH cocktail August 28, 2007 12:36 pm

    […] The publisher of one of my favorite books, Daemon, was kind enough to send me a handful of signed copies to hand out at TECH cocktail Boston. I am […]

  2. Carson Conant September 5, 2007 3:16 pm

    Eric, I started reading your blog for VC thoughts but I have to admit every once in a while one of your reviews really catches my eye. This is a great example. I had not heard of Daemon; bought it after your review and I have about 10 pages left. Thanks for a great read!

    p.s. Best of luck at BuzzFeed. They are lucky to have you.

  3. Eric Olson September 5, 2007 11:01 pm

    Great to hear that Carson! Daemon is incredible and I know for a fact that the sequel is currently being written so stay tuned!

    Thank you for the kudos as well. Looking forward to building BuzzFeed and it has been great to see all the support I have out there. :-)