Olson on the World Series: Go Sox!

Posted on October 24, 2007

Ahhhh yes. My boys are back in the big one. This is almost too much for a Sox fan to handle. After a crazy drought - who was counting, right? - we break the curse in spectacular fashion and a few years later manage to end up in the Series again.

What is interesting this time around is how much new talent we have on the club. While we have always had teams where most of the guys were contributing a lot we’ve never quite had the depth we have today. Opposing teams have no way of knowing who will break out in a given night so they can’t quite nail down a strategy.

Take the Cleveland series for example. Who would have thought J.D. Drew would come up huge and bring us a win? I sure didn’t and I don’t think many citizens of Red Sox Nation did either. In fact, if I recall, most of the Nation was calling for Drew’s head by the end of season since he wasn’t as productive as we all hoped.

Then there is Kevin Youkilis. Sure, he isn’t the typical first baseman in that he doesn’t hit for power a lot but the guy gets on base and makes pitchers work and I thin that’s very important. My uncle has been po-pooing Youk for a while now because he doesn’t hit a ton of homeruns but that is just old baseball thinking. In fact, even he’s now realized the errors of his ways and is a big Youk fan. I am sure his .500+ batting average in the ALCS helped there.

Youk is a great example of the Sox farm system which is one area in which I think we differ significantly from the Yankees. In fact, there were a lot of homegrown guys that came up through the Sox farm club who have contributed a lot to this 2007 team.

Dustin Pedroia - a shoe-in for Rookie of the Year - has to be my favorite of the homegrown talent this year though. I mean the guy is 5′9″ and 180 but he has a huge swing leading to consistent extra base hits that tie in nicely with his outstanding glove. He’s also a scrappy player that does what it takes to get the job done.

All the vets (i.e. Ortiz, Manny and the guys and the pitching staff - how about Beckett!) well, what do I need to say about them. We all know they’re the best of the best and that they play to win.

I am really excited for the guys this year. This time they can go into the Series without the curse hanging over them and simply play the game. For some this will be the first of many World Series (Ellsbury) and for others it will be the end of an era (Schilling) but either way this will be one to remember.

That said I’d like to wish my boys good luck tonight. All of Boston is behind you guys as we have been for over 100 years except this is our time now. We’ve entered the era of the Red Sox. In fact, I would say I’m long on the Sox. Too bad I can’t invest in their success.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I am off to listen to Tessie to get fired up for the game.

Let’s go Red Sox *clapping here* Let’s go Red Sox…

**Next post will get back to your regularly scheduled business and technology musings.

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3 Comments so far
  1. Todd Vernon October 24, 2007 9:03 pm

    Now, Eric you know I think your a god.. But I have to stand by my Rocks.. To be fair, once the two beers and the hot dog are gone - I kind of lose interest.. But still.

  2. Eric Olson October 25, 2007 9:32 am

    I have to hand it to the Rockies. They have an incredible team and it is going to be a hard fought World Series.

    We should have tried to get tix for the games in Colorado! We could have hacked that ticket system in no time.

  3. Adam Kane October 25, 2007 6:09 pm

    I hope your Sox can take of those Rockies. I mean, after all, they took out my Phils! Even though I’m now living in San Francisco, I’m still a Phillies fan at heart. Go Sox!