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Happy Thanksgiving! Some Food for Thought

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I for one am looking forward to a relaxing day of eating, eating and more eating (why hasn’t someone created a web app for that yet?). I thought I would pass along a couple posts I caught today that I think are worth your time during the holiday. Here it goes!

Todd Vernon on Scaling Your Web App

Todd wrote a great post on scaling your web app today. Most of the points he makes are common sense and yet so many startups don’t do any of the things he talks about. If you run a startup and your product is a web app then you should give Todd’s post a read and make sure you are doing everything he says. Don’t be a green bean. While they are good vegetables you shouldn’t aspire to be one.

Don Loeb & KommonKraft’s New Media DoucheBags Video

I am so happy Don posted this video as I had yet to see it. Check this one out while you’re in you tryptophyan stuper because then it will be even funnier. Also, as Don points out, this could be a fun video to show when someone at the dinner table asks you what you do for a living.

Written by Eric Olson

November 21st, 2007 at 11:52 pm

2 Responses to 'Happy Thanksgiving! Some Food for Thought'

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  1. Eric, Thanks for the shout out. So many 'scaling' articles address singular technologies and assume the problem is purely 'technical'. People and attitude are more often the problem. You guys seemed to do a great job at feedburner. It seems to either be an inbred thing….or not.

    Todd Vernon

    24 Nov 07 at 10:19 am

  2. [...] but this should help me get some quick thoughts out there. First off (well, second off, as I did do one of these for Thanksgiving) here are a couple interesting stories relating to clean energy - another passion of [...]

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