DEMO Conference Update: LiquidTalk and Good2Gether

Posted on January 28, 2008

Unfortunately I was unable to make the DEMO conference this week due to scheduling issues which is a bummer but I will be covering some of the companies I find interesting right here anyhow (with the aid of Frank Gruber who is on the scene). Without further adieu here is the first DEMO update:


I was very excited when I first heard that LiquidTalk was going to be at DEMO this year. LiquidTalk is a Chicago based company (yeah, I may be a biased because of that) that has come up with some great enterprise technology that brings new media to the corporation.

LiquidTalk’s core technology allows corporations with large distributed sales forces to easily distribute corporate knowledge to these remote individuals via podcasts. This timely and easy to consume media helps sales professionals stay up to date while they wouldn’t normally be able to be productive (i.e. driving between appointments, on a flight, etc.) which ultimately will help them close more sales.

At DEMO tomorrow LiquidTalk will show off their new BlackBerry based technology for the first time. I have no doubt it’ll be a pretty sweet demo as their prior demo of their iPod technology at TECH cocktail a while back was a lot of fun.

From all of us in Chicago - good luck guys. Make us proud!


As you guys know I am a sucker for a good social venture (aren’t all social ventures good… clearly I should use a thesaurus more often) and this looks like one.

The idea behind Good2Gether is to bring together not-for-profit organizations, volunteers, the media and large corporations with what it calls a “philanthropic social networking service.”

The issues Good2Gether addresses are:

Corporations are always looking for ways to make themselves look good in the eyes of the world via supporting not-for-profits but they often have a hard time finding them (and of course the not-for-profits can use the support).

Media companies have a lot of eyeballs and not-for-profit websites do not. Media companies are also looking for good stories which they could potentially get from the not-for-profits.

Not-for-profits are always looking for volunteers and but, due to in part to poor websites, volunteers who want to help are often left out in the cold (I can say this has happened many times to me. I want to volunteer my time but find it very hard to do so.)

Good2Gether aims to alleviate all of these issues through their product which will bring together all of the groups that play in the not-for-profit space and help them find ways to interact.

Good2Gether has already landed a handful of the top media outlets in the country along with a number of large not-for-profits and corporations so it seems they are off to a great start. I am all for this application and I really hope they are able to keep up the momentum.

Just imagine seeing a news article about a natural disaster with a Good2Gether box listing opportunities for the public to help right next to it. You click an opportunity and you are brought to a page that allows you to easily apply to volunteer. Large corporations will also find it easy to donate and send employees to help and the media can even get a story out of all the people brought together via the web to help out in a disaster. Not bad at all.


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2 Comments so far
  1. Greg McHale January 29, 2008 9:43 am

    Hey Eric,

    Thanks so much for the mention - much appreciated!

    Just a note on the full spectrum of the platform. good2gether is about much more than matching people to volunteering opportunities.

    We’re all abut distribution for the nonprofits.

    We embed our connect2cause widget on the website of our media partners, making it possible to aggregate actions rather than just ideas. This widget, which appears alongside an article about social issues, hunger, global warming, etc., leads readers to deep links to nonprofits - event, volunteering, in-kind donation needs, programs - which address precisely the article’s concern.

    The nonprofits will benefit from the enormous traffic and content that local media partners generate by connecting cause - the issue at stake - to content - all the ways you can get involved.

  2. Dave Peak January 29, 2008 6:07 pm

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the great summary of our value proposition and for the kind words!

    Sorry you weren’t able to join us at DEMO 08. We’d be happy to take you through a demo back in Chicago–or you can view our DEMO 6-minute presentation, which will be posted to our website soon. Check in the next day or so.