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TECH cocktail Spreads its Wings: DEMO, TECH cocktail Boulder and Beyond

Posted on February 7, 2008

TECH cocktail Boulder in partnership with DEMO

It seems like only yesterday Frank and I were hanging out on Wacker Drive eating some potbelly sandwiches and dreaming up what would become known as TECH cocktail. Now, about two years later we are starting to see our idea blossom into something we never would have expected in our wildest dreams.

However, with all of that blossoming comes a lot more work. Frank and I were on the verge of getting addicted on caffeine due to our efforts to avoid sleep. Avoiding sleep, it seemed, was the only way we could continue to grow TECH cocktail both in Chicago and outside of Chicago to other towns and cities that are asking for an event. Let me tell you, the whole “sleep when you’re dead thing” is pretty much bull. Turns out you need sleep to function. Who knew?

After being perpetually tired for a while Frank and I began to discuss how we could continue taking TECH cocktail to the next level while still holding down full time gigs and sleeping at night. At that point in time we were introduced to the folks over at DEMO by our friends at Sun Microsystems. We then started talking to DEMO about their goals, beliefs and values and it seemed like there was a partnership opportunity there. We just had to find it (my specialty!).

For the past couple of months we have been working with the DEMO folks to see what a possible partnership would look like and we have finally emerged with our pilot event, TECH cocktail Boulder, which will be held on March 6 (RSVP here - can’t wait for my first trip to Colorado and to see all my Boulder based friends!).

DEMO brings a full-time experienced event planning staff to the table which is a huge help to us. Their staff will help us with event logistics and even with selling sponsorships (although Frank and I will still sell them directly as well) which takes a huge weight off of us.

With this weight lifted we are now free to continue to push TECH cocktail to the next level while, of course, maintaining its’ grassroots base and feel. After all TECH cocktail is all about the people and the communities in which it operates. We’re just here to amplify the technology signal in underserved markets and have fun doing it!

That said I want to extend a thank you to all of you who have helped Frank and I to make TECH cocktail into what it is today. There are a lot of people out there that really stepped up to help us and we owe you all big time. You know who you are.

Also, thank you to all of the TECH cocktail attendees - aka TECH cocktailers - who have supported us over the past couple of years and who really make the events what they are.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to all of our sponsors past and present who foot the bill for everything we do. As we say in Massachusetts - you guys are wicked awesome!

We have some more big ideas planned for 2008 so stay tuned to to be the first to know about what we’re cooking up.

Oh, one more thing, our events rely on the support of top notch sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring one of more of our events please contact us at cofounders [at] techcocktail [dot] com.


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