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Brazen Careerist: Career Advice for Gen Y

Posted on March 17, 2008

The Brazen CareeristThe Brazen Careerist has been a favorite blog of mine for quite some time now. Penelope Trunk’s writing style is a lot of fun to read and she manages to pack in a lot of great career information and insight into each post for the Gen Y folks out there.

Due to the success of Penelope’s blog, book and syndicated column she decided to start a new web property with the help of co-founders Ryan Healy and Ryan Paugh (founders of Employee Evolution). The web property is called Brazen Careerist of course and it launched a couple of weeks back (yes, I am very late in writing this post).

The site consists of a blog network of Gen Y bloggers hand picked by the founding team along with Penelope’s blog at this point but they plan to expand the site to offer more career related features as time goes on.

I was flattered to be asked to join the Brazen Careerist blog network. There are some great bloggers on there now and I am sure it will grow to include even more. I also have the privilege of advising the Brazen Careerist team on a handful of things which I am enjoying.

If you are part of Gen Y and looking for career advice look no further than Brazen Careerist. Not part of Gen Y but looking to hire Gen Yers - you guessed it - Brazen Careerist is the place where you can learn more about the latest generation to enter the workforce.

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