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Jim Cramer: Midwest is Hub of Innovation

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It is official. Jim Cramer of Mad Money and TheStreet.com loves the Midwest. Today on the roof of Soho House Jim talked about the Midwest, which he refers to as Cleveland Valley (man, I hope that name doesn’t stick), and about how some real solid innovation is happening here.

Cramer took a number of swipes at the internet and technology landscape today specifically calling out the me-too companies in the media space. Here is one quote that stuck out in my mind (via PaidContent.org):

Guitar Hero is “amazing… but when you look at the companies that are innovating, they’re in the Cleveland Valley, not the Silicon Valley.”

As pointed out by PaidContent.org when Cramer uses the term Cleveland Valley he is referring to the industrial firms here in the Midwest who are asking themselves: “What are the big problems of mankind and how can we solve them?”

So Cramer is not quite endorsing the Midwest as a high tech hub per see but I think he gets at the heart of what we’re all about out here and that is creating sustainable businesses and innovation by solving real problems. It is good to see more and more people looking to the Midwest for innovation. We’re at an inflection point in this region. No doubt about it.

Written by Eric Olson

June 9th, 2008 at 6:18 pm

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