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DFJ Network featured in USA Today

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A number of people have asked me about the DFJ Network since I joined DFJ Network fund DFJ Portage (Midwest network affiliate) back in February.  People seem to be curious about how the network works and what the purpose of it is.  Edward Iwata of USA Today apparently had the same curiosity and put together a piece in yesterdays USA Today about the network.

The piece is very high level but I think it conveys the value of the network to entrepreneurs and to the VCs in the network.  The piece also covers why the network idea makes sense in an increasingly global world and why DFJ started to push the network idea forward a few years back.

I think the network approach DFJ has built thus far is solid and perhaps the future of the venture capital model.  I am excited to see the network idea evolve from the inside (especially given my interest in new and innovative VC models) and I’ll be sharing more of my thoughts and observations on the network as time goes on.

Written by Eric Olson

September 10th, 2008 at 11:23 am

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