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Bring CES to Chicago

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CES, perhaps the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show, may be looking to move on from Las Vegas according to an article on After Frank (my TECH cocktail co-founder) and I were made aware of that via one of our friends we thought why shouldn’t CES move the show to Chicago.

Chicago would be a great host for CES. The facilities in Chicago are more than adequate, the restaurants and night life are top notch, the culture (art museums and the like) is world class, the city is centrally located and easy to fly to and there are a lot of great tech companies in and around Chicago including consumer electronics giant Motorola and huge electronics seller CDW.

Bringing CES to Chicago would also help to bring the Chicago and midwest technology scene to the forefront which is something we have been working hard on at TECH cocktail (oh, and of course there would be general economic benefits for the city too).

If you’re interested in helping with the movement please check out the Facebook group Frank set up and join it. Also, you can comment on the TECH cocktail post or e-mail Frank and I at cofounders [at] techcocktail [DOT] com.

We think this will be something that will take a lot of cooperation from a lot of groups like the Mayor’s Office, the ITA, the CEC, World Business Chicago, etc. (in fact, we have heard there are groups already working on this). So let’s bring everyone together and make CES in Chicago a reality.

For more check out the post on and a quick video Frank and I put together which is a tad rough but not bad considering Frank was in San Francisco and I was in NYC.

Written by Eric Olson

January 10th, 2008 at 2:54 am

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Blog World Expo: Vegas Baby!

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The Blog World Expo is coming up quickly folks. It is being held in Las Vegas (that’s right, Vegas baby!) on Thursday and Friday November 8 and 9.

I will be speaking at Blog World about widgets. I’ll be covering everything from what widgets are and how to install them to what they can do for bloggers, how bloggers can earn money from them and how they can help bloggers get more distribution for their content. (The talk is Friday, Nov 9th from 1:30pm to 2:30pm - Plug!)

Frank is also speaking on feeds and syndication along with my friend Rick Klau. That talk should be fantastic and a great way for bloggers to learn more about feeds.

If you want to come to the expo (you know you do… c’mon, it’s in Vegas!) you can use the discount code TCVIP (that’s TECH cocktail VIP - yeah, that’s right) for 15% of the normal registration fee.

If you do come to Vegas for the expo, or just for some fun, make sure to follow my Twitters and/or subscribe to my FriendFeed (that’ll give you twitters, pictures via flickr and everything as it happens) to keep posted on where I am. Also, please reach out so we can meet up and grab a beer. Hope to see some of you there!

Written by Eric Olson

October 5th, 2007 at 9:58 am

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